No Culture... For you?!

This exhibition piece aims to find and highlight modern day subcultures. It Does this by putting individuals on display in their chosen attire and allowing spectators the chance for an intimate one to one music experience, in which both the audience and exhibitionist share headphones. 

This piece started life as a deep study into the change in rock music over the past 50 or so years. It soon became obvious that there was a clear link between popular rock music and the rise and fall in subcultures in the western world. This changed my focus to look deeper into subcultures as if you look around they seem to have almost disappeared. 

The conclusion from my research was that in subcultures people connect through not just the music they listen to but the objects they surround themselves with. these objects can be anything from the clothes they chose to wear to the bed sheets they choose all of it is relevant.

In this exhibition I removed our ability to speak with each other in order to find if we can still form connections based purely on our materialistic choices as human beings. We can but we are harder to impress now.