By Order of the Committee

is a working mens club brand and style guide. The books aim is to make it possible to recreate a typical WMC, by telling the reader how to keep the original style and aesthetic. The piece includes both original photography and a collection of nostalgic family photographs showing the unique decoration that WMCs often abide by. The tone of voice in the project is set so a member of the local club can pick up the book and understand it as well as designers.


Having learnt about the connections that objects have to memories and that those memories can be shared amongst a certain culture or group this project is important in playing a role in the documentation of this once booming industry that has a place in so many peoples hearts. It would be a great shame to lose such strong places that have their roots in the working class culture, although I feel sadly that this will be the case eventually.


This guide gives people the tools and means to create a new WMC and hopefully will encourage change amongst the WMCs of the present to update into the 21st century.

© 2020 by Ashton Moran